Eating our pink cotton candy flavoured popcorn is like going back in time and being a kid again. We add the sugar to the kernels as they are popping to create a crunchy, sweet treat popcorn. Ingredients popped corn, popping oil, seasoning (sugar, colour, artificial flavour, silicon dioxide [a manufacturing […]

Pink 120g

This is the classic. Everyone loves it. Butter flavoured popcorn goes with any occasion wether it be a party or a night in. Ingredients popped corn, popping oil (soybean oil, artificial flavour, coloured with beta carotene), seasoning (salt, pigments of annato [bixin], pigments of tumeric [curcumin], milk, vegetable oil, pure […]

Butter 22g

Some people think a dill pickle goes great with a sandwich. We couldn’t agree more! We also think our Dill popcorn goes great with a movie or as an afternoon snack. There’s nothing like a tangy treat! Ingredients popping corn, popping oil (soybean oil, artificial flavour, coloured with beta carotene), […]

Dill 22g

First, we begin by heating our kettles to the perfect popping temperature. We then add only the finest kernel’s to the sizzling oil. Just before the popping begins, we add the perfect amount of sugar to every batch. What comes next is a delightful experience that will spark your senses. […]

Sweet and Salty 22g

Close your eyes take a bite and prepare to fall in love. The sweet taste of caramel combined with the mouthwatering taste of real butter is gently mixed to create a batch of nut free popcorn that will melt in your mouth every time!

Caramel 85g

Get ready to pop out of your skin with our hot and spicy kaboom. Kaboom has the perfect blend of spices to satisfy anyone who is looking to add a little kick to their bite! Don’t forget your water! Ingredients KABOOM popped corn, popping oil (soybean oil, artificial flavour, coloured […]

Kaboom! 22g