Jack had a vision…PapaJack bagging popcorn

He had worked in the food industry since he started his career. He knew what customers wanted in a product and mainly what they enjoyed. When a friend offered to sell him a small popcorn machine, he knew exactly what to do. It was time to put his strong work ethic together with his ability to make his customers happy and put out a product that everyone could enjoy! He knew he was making popcorn, the big question was; what should he name it? He sat down with his family, including his grandchildren, whom he adored and they put their heads together to create a name. When his grandchildren called his name out, “Papa”, it came to him all at once. “PapaJack” seemed perfect! The decision was unanimous! He decided to name his newest adventure “PapaJack Popcorn” PapaJack is proudly pictured on the bag with his two lovely grandchildren; Emily and Abigail. PapaJack popcorn is truly a family business. The whole family works together to make PapaJack popcorn a success. Together, they bring great ideas, hard-work perseverance, excitement and most of all a strong commitment to serve their community. Stay on the look-out; you never know when PapaJack and his grandchildren will show up at one of your community events!